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I purchased RAW FOOD, REAL WORLD out of curiosity, but after trying several of the recipes I was hooked! The inventive salads, soups and shakes taste incredible and you truly feel great after eating them. And the cocktails were so fantastic that they quickly became summer staples. The cocktails pack a huge flavor punch due to the fresh ingredients and they don’t leave you with that dreaded hard liquor hangover the next day. Cheers!

Pure Mojito
From Raw Food, Real World
Serves 2

1 big handful mint leaves
1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
¼ c. agave nectar
1 cup sake
1 cup ice cubes
1 cup champagne or sparkling white wine

Using the back of a spoon, mash the mint in the bottom of a pitcher or shaker with the lime juice and agave nectar. Divide between two rock glasses. Add the sake and ice and stir. Top with champagne and serve with a straw.


Raspberry Sunset
From Living Raw Food
Serves 4

Editor’s Note: This recipe calls for yuzu juice, which is a Japanese citrus fruit about the size of a tangerine, but if you can not find yuzu, just use more lemon or lime juice.

1 half pint red raspberries, slightly crushed
½ cup yuzu juice
¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
⅓ cup agave nectar
1½ cups sake
¾ cup sparkling white wine
mint sprigs, for garnish

Divide the crushed berries among four tall glasses and fill to the rim with ice.

Combine the yuzu juice, lemon juice, lime juice, agave nectar, and sake in a pitcher, bowl, or other container and mix well. Pour the liquid over the ice and berries. Top off each glass with the sparkling white wine, and garnish with mint sprigs.

Sarma MeIngailis, Founder & CEO of Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck in New York City understands that going 100% raw is a difficult challenge, so Raw Food, Real World and her new book LIVING RAW FOOD offer easy to follow recipes and stories of her journey toward living life in the raw to inspire small changes that can lead to major health benefits. Sarma is so open, honest, real and a great ambassador for healthy living.

Special thanks to Sarma, Tiffani and the wonderful beverage staff at Pure Food and Wine for the delicious cocktail recipes.

Photos © Pure Food and Wine

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    Sherry says:
    June 28, 2010 at 7:42 am

    The cocktails look so refreshing. I love summer drinks.