Gwyneth’s GOOP

One person who I believe is making a contribution to helping people live better lives is GWYNETH PALTROW. If you’re not currently a subscriber to her weekly newsletter GOOP, then I encourage you to sign up today.

Gwyneth offers meaningful information from many of the world’s leading experts and “insider” scoop on everything from beauty to travel. Gwyneth is an Oscar-winning actress and a pretty good musical performer (did you see the Grammys?!), so she could totally chill and relax on her past successes, but instead she’s producing substantive advice every week and I think that’s admirable.

This week’s newsletter finally convinced me that I should write about GOOP.

In it, Gwyneth discusses D.I.Y. Reflexology which is a type of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness based on reflex points on the feet, hands and head. The post is actually written by ARCB certified reflexologist, Chantel C. Lucier of Angel Feet in New York.

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