Oprah presents Master Class

I don’t watch much TV, but I never miss OPRAH presents MASTER CLASS on Sunday nights. What I love about the series is that we get to hear from incredibly successful people about their life’s journey — their trials, their tribulations, and how all of it has made them who they are today.

It’s the ultimate reality check.

With master classes from Diane Sawyer, Sidney Poitier, Jon Bon Jovi, Jay Z, Jane Fonda, Maya Angelou, Ted Turner and Morgan Freeman how can we not be encouraged by their life stories when we’re faced with adversity?

In a world where we tend to believe that we know people based on reality TV shows or snippets we read in tabloids, Master Class might just be the best reality hour on TV.

MORGAN FREEMAN is one of my favorite actors, so last night I watched the season premiere featuring him. During the hour I was struck by the fact that Master Class was like a great novel that you couldn’t put down and didn’t want to end. Mr. Freeman, a master storyteller, weaved such a fascinating tale of his life that I could not wait to tell you about it.

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