The Queen’s Life

Let’s play six degrees of separation featuring films that highlight the royal bloodline of Great Britain’s QUEEN ELIZABETH II.

Last summer, millions around the world celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and I started to wonder why we are so enamored with Britain’s royal family. Having reigned since 1952, Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest monarch (86 years old) with over 1,200 years of intriguing family history.

We’ve all seen the movies, but aren’t you curious how these historic figures relate back to Queen Elizabeth II? Of course I’m not vouching for the historical accuracy of every detail in these films, but I found them helpful in giving me some perspective as to how she came to rule Great Britain.

Royal Blood Line: First things first, if she’s Elizabeth II, then who was Elizabeth I? Her story begins with the love affair between King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Royal Blood Line: Queen Elizabeth I, Distant cousin

Queen Elizabeth I began her reign after the death of her father, half brother and half sister, Queen “Bloody” Mary, so named because she ordered the killing of those not faithful to the Catholic church. Queen Elizabeth I’s reign is considered one of the most successful and often referred to as The Golden Age.

Royal Blood Line: Queen Victoria, Great great grandmother

Queen Victoria’s statue sits in front of Buckingham Palace today. She, along with her husband, Prince Albert were progressive and modernized England with focuses on social welfare (Salvation Army), education (public schools) and transportation (underground railway).

Royal Blood Line: Mrs. Wallis Simpson, Aunt

The love story for the ages between American Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII which forced Queen Elizabeth’s uncle King Edward to abdicate the throne in order to marry the twice divorced Wallis.

Royal Blood Line: King George VI, Father

Known as the stuttering King, King George VI ascended to the thrown after his brother abdicated and reigned with his feisty wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon during World War II, so a young Elizabeth witnessed crisis management up close.

This movie about Queen Elizabeth II centers around the death of her daughter-in-law Princess Diana and how the Queen and royal family handled the world’s grief.

Married to the Duke of Edinburgh for 66 years, Queen Elizabeth II has 4 children, 8 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Soon we’ll witness the birth of the Queen’s third great grandchild, the son or daughter of Prince William and his wife, Catherine. And eventually…her son Prince Charles ascension to the throne.

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