Vibrational Healing Is A Thing

One of the hottest health + wellness trends are smart stickers that presumably assist us with stress, anxiety, boost energy, and alleviate pain. BODY VIBES are programmed with bio frequencies that match frequencies that naturally occur in our bodies between 62-72Hz. Originally created for NASA astronauts, BODY VIBES smart stickers send a current through our central nervous system in an effort to help our bodies heal themselves natually. Once you’ve decided which BODY VIBE you need or want to try, just stick it above your heart or to the left of your heart on your upper or lower left arm, left shoulder, or upper back for 72 hours and experience the magic for yourself. Its recommended you smart vibe for at least one month.

If you’re interested in this holistic, chemical-free approach to healing, there are twelve BODY VIBES to choose from, discover your vibe by clicking here.

Editor’s Note: This post is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, rather for educational and informative purposes. Always check with your physician / healthcare provider before starting any health-related program.

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