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Everyone is buzzing about the American who may very well become a royal princess, and I could not be happier for MEGHAN MARKLE and the incredible potential she has to change history, modernize the monarchy, and set a new paradigm for women and girls around the world. There’s no need for MEGHAN to mimic Princesses Diana or Kate, as she proved when she stepped out with Prince Harry in Toronto for the Invictus Games. MEGHAN is not a young girl falling in love, like Diana and Kate were, but a confident woman with a successful career and humanitarian causes of her own. MEGHAN did an interview, possibly her last time speaking so candidly before entering the royal cocoon, with Vanity Fair¬†and just in case you missed it, read it here.
Much like Maya Angelou before her, novelist ZADIE SMITH speaks for her generation with authority and clarity. But did you know that she’s a former jazz singer? Yes! I’m so thoroughly fascinated by ZADIE and would invite her to tea the next time I’m in New York, if I could — just imagine the incredible conversations. Since so many of you were challenged in finding an issue of The Gentlewoman, I insist you take some “me time” with a cup of tea and read the interview ZADIE did last winter that’s now available online, read it here.SALMA HAYEK oozes womanness and passion with every syllable she speaks and I’ve never¬†read an interview given by SALMA where I didn’t have at least one light-bulb moment. SALMA has always been one of my woman crushes, so I’m excited for you to read her thoughts on ageing, happiness, and politics from THE EDIT to see if you nod your head a time or two as well, read it here.

Photos: Peter Lindbergh, Sebastian Kim, and Nico Bustos

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