Natasha Trethewey

I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say that for anyone growing up in the Deep South there are two histories: the one taught in school and the supplemental that’s explained through stories told by our parents and grandparents. For Pulitzer Prize-winning poet NATASHA TRETHEWEY it’s often the untold history that’s the most revealing.
natasha booksA native Mississippian Natasha brilliantly weaves the history of the forgotten South and glimpses of her childhood into her poetry.

In Native Guard Natasha tells the little-known story of black Union soldiers that stood guard off the coast of Mississippi during the Civil War.

Inspired by E.J. Bellocq’s photos of Storyville prostitutes Bellocq’s Ophelia gives voice to Ophelia and her life of survival in New Orleans’ red light district.

In Domestic Work, Natasha used photos of women at work as inspiration to capture the essence of life in the pre-Civil War South.

If you’re a lover of history and poetry then I recommend you take these journeys with Natasha and discover why she is considered one of America’s master storytellers.

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