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Women awaiting the start of a new program

Women awaiting the start of a new training program

Several of you have asked why ZAVVI GIVES BACK is so prominently placed on a life + style website and the answer is simple, I’ve been championing literacy, women’s, and children’s issues most of my life. And while it’s true that Zavvi Rodaine is a life + style blog, I could not opine about the fun and (sometimes) frivolous without also encouraging you to give back.

Women harvesting food

Women harvesting food

I’ve been following Zainab Salbi and Women for Women since its inception in 1993. Founded in the belief that where women endure so does peace, Women for Women works tirelessly to bring hope to women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts. By providing women survivors with the resources they need to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, Women for Women empowers them to not only rebuild their own lives, but to build stronger communities.

Sponsoring a woman for $27/year is one of the most rewarding ways to participate. In a poor country, $27 can provide sufficient food and water or perhaps aid a woman in learning a job skill that is applicable to her local economy. And, as a sponsor of Women for Women, you can build a “sister-to-sister” relationship through the exchange of letters to support your sister on an emotional level as well.

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