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Years ago, I was flying into Charlotte on business and I met a mother and daughter in-flight who regaled me with their adventures of traveling to High Point in search of the perfect furniture and accessories for the daughter’s new home. At the time, all I had to worry about was an apartment, but I thought it was the coolest thing — the idea that you wouldn’t limit yourself to what was available in your hometown. I made a mental note that when the time came, I would travel to High Point and other great design cities, or at least explore them on free afternoons during my many business trips.

Thanks to MICHAEL BRUNO, founder of online marketplace 1st Dibs, we no longer have to travel to the ends of the earth to purchase the perfect artwork, chair, or even vintage Rolex. I even use 1st Dibs as an educational tool to learn about the various furniture designers and design periods. Right now, I’m on a T.H. ROBSJOHN GIBBINGS kick, and I found a few of his pieces that I would love to own, like this chair and the credenza below.
This card table by Italian designer GIO PONTI is the perfect size for a game of Spades and it expands too, so I could use it for entertaining as well.


I veered way off the furniture track and started looking for vintage CHANEL bags and found this reasonably priced classic mini.1st-Dibs-chanel-mini-classi

And the cutest HERMES bracelet which reminds me of my birthstone. 1st-Dibs-hermes-braceletgre

And vintage costume jewelry — a black LAGANI necklace. 1st-Dibs-black-lagani-neckl

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