Charlotte Olympia


I need a moment. Seriously. I’m trying to gather my thoughts and control my enthusiasm for these CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA shoes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Eve, my absolute unwavering new obsession.

I’m a shoe lover. I’ve adored shoes every since I was a little girl. Chuck Taylors. Yo-Yos. Sperry Topsiders. Gucci loafers. Louboutins. Manolos. And I like to believe that I’m still that little girl just with better shoes.



Charlotte is a graduate of London’s prestigious Cordwainers College, a school that trained other notable shoe designers like Rupert Sanderson and Jimmy Choo. She launched Charlotte Olympia four years ago and she designs shoes with a very high heel, 5 inches or more.

With a nod to old Hollywood glamour, Charlotte’s shoes not only make a statement, but are truly works of art and Charlotte finishes each sole with a gold spider web in homage to the spider in the children’s book Charlotte’s Web.

By the way, Eve is not alone, she has friends–Dolly and Alice who are just dying to meet up in my closet. Love, love, love!

meet-aliceThe very popular ALICE

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