Nate Berkus

My Favorite Nate Berkus Interior

My Favorite Nate Berkus Interior

It’s not about money. That’s the message that NATE BERKUS has successfully delivered to American homeowners over the past 8 years as Oprah’s resident Decorator-in-Chief.

Nate understood from day one that the majority of Americans do not have or simply refuse to spend $10,000 on a sofa regardless of pedigree.

So, Nate tasked his HSN and Oprah audiences with one simple goal: to make their house a home by understanding that how we live is a direct reflection on how we feel.

And let’s face it, attempting a well-lived life by the standards of shelter magazines can be intimidating, so Nate’s genius is that he brings design to the masses in a non-discriminating way.

Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

For me, there are 6 trademark elements to a Nate Berkus design project:

Accessories which Nate uses to add layers and character to his room designs.

Color which is usually a muted color palette in unique combinations as well as timely explosions of bright color in artwork and upholstered pieces when warranted.

Comfort with a purely American attitude accomplished without ever compromising quality.

Eclectic which is representative of Nate’s clever use of textures, patterns, found objects, books, and architectural details.

Sustainable because he is Nate-orious for re-purposing vintage design elements found at flea markets and through his world travels.

Sophisticated and stylish without ever being stuffy by demonstrating that it’s OK to be a bit offbeat and relaxed when decorating our homes.

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