Soul Is Invisible


At 19, Melody Gardot was a promising art student when she was hit by a Jeep while riding her bike on a street in Philadelphia. As a part of her recovery, a doctor suggested that Melody take up a musical instrument. Melody had taken piano lessons as a child, but with her injuries it was too painful to sit for long periods of time, so she chose the guitar. Soon after, Melody was not only writing her own songs, but recording them as well.

As many of you have figured out, I love music — all kinds, and — I do not discriminate, but I do not waste my time with superfluous made-for-radio nonsense because I prefer artists who can “sang”. So, a year ago when one of my girlfriends suggested that I buy Melody’s My One and Only Thrill, I knew it had to be special.

Melody’s sultry jazz-infused voice, brilliant songwriting, and near flawless musical arrangements are reminiscent of a jazz chanteuse in 1930’s Harlem, but with a thoroughly modern twist. Melody’s sophistication and her control balances a soulful quality that speaks to her life experiences in a purely dynamic way. She is definitely an artist that should be on everyone’s radar.

By the way, my favorite songs are “My One And Only Thrill” and “Your Heart Is As Black As Night”. Happy listening!

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