Halle Berry in Vogue

halleHALLE BERRY has made history (again) as only the second African American woman to grace the most coveted fashion magazine cover in the world–the September issue of Vogue. However what’s more special is that Halle is also representing the confidence and beauty of being fabulous after forty.

I always thought that forty was old until a very dear friend of mine, who had just turned forty, told me quite simply one day, “when you reach 40, the bullshit meter goes way up, you don’t worry about frivolous stuff anymore and you truly own who you are.”

If you’re blessed to accept who you are at forty, then the next 30 years are about LIVING and enjoying your LIFE and not fretting about wrinkles around your eyes.

For those of us who have grown up with Halle and remember the first time we saw her and that famous haircut on the TV show Living Dolls, Halle has represented the essence of who we are in the media–imperfections, substance, and all. And the fact that she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world just makes us more proud to call her one of our own.



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