Victoria, in London

For artist and textile designer, VICTORIA CRAMSIE whose mission is to design classic, cutting-edge wallpaper and fabrics for boys pre-school to teens creativity has born immediate success.

As the Director of PaperBoy Interiors in London, Victoria oversees a growing textile house which produces hand-printed, sustainable wallpapers and cotton-linen fabrics in three designs: D-ya-think-e-saurus, Animal Magic and Hand Made. Victoria describes her designs as “bang-up-to-date modern” and she prefers to steer clear of anything folksy or whimsical. Paperboy wallpapers and fabrics are simple, but edgy designs in sophisticated colour ways inspired by consultations with her target client: young boys.

I interviewed Victoria just as she was preparing to launch her ‘Animal Magic’ wallpaper at the contemporary interior design exhibition, 100% Design in London, and despite the chaos and excitement, I think you’ll find Victoria’s sense of humour and thoughtfulness inspiring.

PaperBoy Booth at 100% Design London

Paperboy Wallpaper was born out of your frustration with not finding classic wallpaper designs to decorate your boys’ rooms, so how has your decision to “create for yourself” changed your life?
Well, I have a lot less free time! Setting up a business is very hard work. But on a positive side, I’ve learned so much–from how to find great people to screen point my designs to how difficult it is to describe simple things like hanging wallpaper. It’s been wonderful to see my original small drawings transformed into great swathes of wallpaper and material in glorious colours. It’s been incredibly satisfying and I’ve met lots of great people in the bargain.

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your own business?
Both the most challenging and the most fun part is knowing next to nothing when I started. It was hard because I had to learn just about everything from scratch, but it’s been great, too, ‘cos when you don’t know what you have to do you have no limitations. You don’t have that voice in your head saying, “Oh, you can’t do that.”

Which artists or designers inspire your creativity?
I love so many different artists and designers but what is most important to me, and like I say on my website, I want to have that sense of calm, that “everything’s alright” from anything I own.

What does “home” mean to you?
Oh, home is where the heart is, definitely. Where you can relax and feel comfortable with the people you love. In an ideal world it would be a place that everywhere you looked your eyes rested on something that was beautiful to you, whether that was a  perfect Japanese bowl or a tatty and much-loved toy from your childhood. In the real world we don’t live in this glossy magazine world, but that sense of pleasure and rightness is important to me.

with sons, Archie and Rory

How do you define your personal style?
I don’t know if I do! I am busy with two growing boys and a business, so I try to keep things simple. I like good, well-made clothes in classic shapes. Most days you’ll find me in jeans, t-shirts and pumps but I might buy a wonderful cozy Nicole Farhi wrap and good leather boots to take me to more “worky” things. For really dressing up, I love Vivienne Westwood. I don’t wear a lot of make-up but recently, shocked at how old some of my lipsticks were, I dumped my whole collection in the bin. I went out and bought a whole new set of basics from Nars. Made me feel like a new woman.

Who are your style icons?
Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly. Cary Grant.

What are your three must-have beauty essentials?
A good diet, some exercise and tailoring!

Name a song that takes you some place special whenever you hear it.
So many, and so many places that I like to go to. Cat Stevens “Father and Son” reminds me of my own father. Always good to listen to when I need a good cry. Then I can get on with what I need to be doing. Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man” for something a bit more upbeat. And I listened to “Hallelujah” relentlessly while drawing the ‘D-ya-think-e-saurus’ design.

Describe your idea of perfect happiness.
A day shopping with no financial limits, a massage and an evening in front of a good film with my boys.

One word…

What is your advice to younger women?
We learn by doing, so just do it.

Asked to write your memoirs, what would the title be?
Blimey, I can’t ever imagine that happening, but ….How To Spend It!

Interviewed September 2010 by Yolanda, editor Zavvi Rodaine.com
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