Jazz Life

Did you know that Jazz was America’s greatest indigenous art form?

As a young country, we adopted influences and traditions from various cultures, but the rhythms and sounds of JAZZ are 100% made in the USA. Many Americans do not know this and don’t have a true appreciation for the artists and musicians that ironically, greatly influence what you hear on your Ipod everyday.

Music is powerful and it can inspire you, comfort you, and greatly enhance your well-being. Jazz music is good for the soul. Close your eyes, clear your mind and listen to MILES, or DIZZY, or COLTRANE and trust me, you will be moved.

WILLIAM CLAXTON was one of America’s great photographers working for magazines including LIFE, Paris Match and even Vogue. He was also the first to photograph a young CHET BAKER when he was still relatively unknown. In 1960, when William and Joachim Berendt set out across the United States to document jazz in its raw and purest form expectations were high. The result JAZZ LIFE created a historical record of America’s greatest indigenous art form and is destined to become a collector’s item.

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