My Fashion Discovery

One of my mentors was the fashion director and buyer at the major department store in my hometown, so I learned quite a bit about fashion and how to dress under her tutelage. I particularly enjoyed peppering her with questions when she returned from New York fashion weeks twice a year. Each time I would wait with anticipation to see how the notes and sketches from her adventures in New York translated into what was actually ordered and sold on the sales floor.

Developing fashion show concepts and casting models for them was also a favorite experience, but more than anything, I appreciated that she didn’t just allow me to have an emotional response to clothing like “Oh, that’s cute” or “I love that color” but rather she insisted that I understand fashion and what it meant to wear clothes well.

She was my fashion fairy godmother and she was tough, but thanks to her, I have a fashion IQ.

Thanks to the editors of Women’s Wear Daily, we now have a historical record of fashion from flappers to women’s pantsuits. And while the title of their new book is 100 Years, 100 Designers, notice that it does not say the “best”, but represents the best interpreters of fashion over the past 100 years.

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