Six Degrees of Dior

One of the events I am most looking forward to in 2011 is the Royal Wedding.

Of course all the talk about William + Catherine’s wedding got me thinking about William’s mom Princess Diana which led to one of her favorite handbags — the LADY DIOR.

See how my mind works? Six degrees of Dior. So, stay with me.

There were three films in the LADY DIOR saga starring Marion Cotillard that we’ve followed since its debut in Paris with Lady Noire Affair, which we willingly followed to New York City for Lady Rouge, and finally to a city on my bucket list to visit Shanghai for Lady Blue. I posted that David Lynch directed film back in May, so of course I have to post the next installment Lady Grey.

This chapter of the LADY DIOR saga is actually a silent film directed by John Cameron Mitchell and the setting is London which we only discover from Marion’s perch on the famous London Eye.

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