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The fashion world has been all a-twitter about the gorgeous crimson gown that our first lady wore to the State Dinner honoring China’s president Hu Jintao. The red petal silk confection designed by SARAH BURTON for Alexander McQueen not only invoked strength, femininity, power and modernity, but reflected the first lady’s keen diplomatic sense as well.

In China, red is the color of happiness and prosperity, so wearing red was a sign of respect and good wishes. All of the hullabaloo surrounded the fact that the gown was designed by a Brit, and not an American or Chinese American like Vera Wang. Enough has been said about that, too much unnecessarily, so I prefer to move on.

Besides, the #1 question flooding the Zavvi Rodaine inbox was: Who is Sarah Burton?

After the unfortunate death of British designer Alexander McQueen, Gucci Group announced to thunderous applause that McQueen protégé Sarah would succeed McQueen at his namesake fashion house.

Sarah designed side-by-side with McQueen for years often interpreting his elaborate runway collections into clothing suitable for the commercial market. Highly respected within the fashion industry, but little known outside of it, Sarah has maintained her worker bee status, pinning and draping her designs personally.

Sarah debuted her first women’s collection for the House of McQueen last fall, and recently presented her first Pre-Fall collection, shown here. Sarah’s showing strong women in crisp white, black and red that I just love.

It has to be pretty difficult taking over for a famously dramatic designer like McQueen, but Sarah is carefully and methodically revitalizing the house and making each collection her own.

And Sarah’s demonstrated strength, confidence, and ability to stay true to herself sounds alot like the first lady who chose to wear McQueen last week. Bravo!

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    Theresa N says:
    January 27, 2011 at 8:53 am

    Several of these I’d love to run out and buy now. The drapping on the gown is beautiful and the fabric adds to it. You can tell detail is very important to her.