At Home with Lili Diallo

LILI DIALLO says that she doesn’t do one-note. In fact, the interiors that she styles for magazines like Domino, Real Simple and Town & Country all reflect a style that is collected over time with a mix of furniture, accessories and pops of color in unexpected places.

Lili’s 1880’s Brooklyn loft has long been a blogosphere favorite, but I’m reminded daily that my readers are not necessarily reading other blogs, so for you Lili’s loft is new. The open floor plan has a rustic feel and is a bit different from interiors that I normally show which is another reason why I wanted to post it. I realize that inspiration is often in the details, and Lili gives us alot of that so enjoy!

In Lili’s all-white living room, a 1970’s Giancarlo Mattioli orange lamp and colorful throw pillows mix with a traditional tufted sofa to create a welcoming retreat.

In the dining room area of Lili’s loft are contemporary chairs by Panto. Notice the one red chair on the right for that unexpected pop of color.

A bookcase where a unique collection of books and magazines rests alongside found and re-purposed objects from Lili’s travels and daily life.

In Lili’s workspace/reading area, a leather sofa and an eclectic art collection are showcased in front of a wall painted a cool icy blue.

Probably the most iconic of Lili’s tablescapes is this collection of objects that Lili styled to sit on top of a bookcase.

Again, Lili dresses up the mostly all-white living space by pairing a striped navy and white rug with a loveseat draped in fuschia cotton and ethnic textiles.

Books, books, and more books along with a diverse grouping of styles and storage.

Lili’s inspirations gathered on a table represent the various colors, textures, and shapes that inspire her work. Love the porcupine quills.

More inspiration on Lili’s desk and on her mood board.

Lili’s bathing area is decorated to complement the rest of the loft.

In Lili’s bedroom, another unexpected design mix of a single wall painted red, Asian art and French toile bed linens.

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    Desiré says:
    February 10, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Love Lili! I’m hoping to pick up her book one of these days.