New York Fashion Week 2011

Relax. Don’t freak out. Of course I followed New York fashion week to give you the Zavvi Notes (my version of Cliff’s notes) on the who, what, why and need to know of last week’s happenings. Since I don’t have to toe the industry line, I decided to do something a bit different and focus on wearability!

So, here’s what you need to know:

Marc, Marc, Marc…as in Jacobs, the most prolific fashion designer right now. He designs the Marc Jacobs collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs and he’s creative director for Louis Vuitton. His shows are the most coveted invite during fashion week and he’s also the designer with the bulls-eye on his back. Everyone critiques Marc’s shows down to the tiniest detail. And get this, Marc’s runway set (seen above) garnered more media attention than some other designer’s collections. How’s that for domination?

michael korsMichael Kors

The most under-reported story of fashion week was the fact that the price of commodities like cashmere, cotton, silk, and wool are going up, so the price of our clothing will probably rise by close to 10%.

The most over-reported story of fashion week was the fact that Kanye West skipped the Grammys in L.A. to be in New York, but was absolutely mum with the media which, of course, garnered tons of press.

And you know I adore Michael Kors, so I was thrilled that he presented a beautiful collection that was All-American polish. Michael is celebrating 30 years in fashion and will be feted at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Paris during fashion week.

carolina herreraCarolina Herrera

What did I see that I didn’t like? Two things: Gauchos and lots of fur.

Every person in my crew owns a fur coat, so I am outnumbered here, but I’m happy that my girls will be able to pull their coats out of storage this fall.

As for the gauchos, ladies, I know that we are all in agreement on this one…unless you have long legs and can afford to have your silhouette chopped off at the knees…the answer is…just say no.

What were the major beauty trends? Think sexy red lips and the chignon was huge.

The final verdict? The fashion set is describing the week as Americana. But I’ll break it all down soon, so we know what to buy, keep, store or toss when we spring clean in a few weeks.

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