The last time I divulged my true perfume, the next week the entire office smelled like me. Some things should be sacred in life and a woman’s signature scent is one of them. Sure, everyone has a fragrance these days and style mavens reveal their favorite fragrances all the time, but I’m betting they are not telling the whole truth. Of course, I would love to work with a “nose” to create my own signature scent and given the opportunity, I would work with the HOUSE OF CARON.

Caron is one of the last true fragrance houses in the world and their master perfumer or “nose” continues to blend memorable essences that evoke emotion and tradition. In fact, over the past 100 years, Caron has created some of the world’s most prestigious scents and unique advertising campaigns like those shown here.

Caron‘s scents are available through Phyto Universe, so if you’re looking for a rare fragrance to make your signature scent consider one of these Caron combinations:

Narcisse Noir–Orange flower, Musk
Nuit De Noel–Jasmine, Saxon moss, Amber
Bellodgia–Carnation, Sandelwood, Vanilla

Fleurs De Rocaille–Jasmine, Aldehyde, Sandalwood
Royal Bain De Caron–Lilac, Cedar, Sandalwood
Muguet Du Bonheur–Lily of the Valley

Infini–Jasmine, Aldehyde, Iris
Pour Une Femme De Caron–Rose, Mandarin, Vetiver
Lady Caron–Jasmine, Raspberry, Oak moss

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