People In Glass Houses

Years ago, I made a pact with myself to slow down. It’s hard to do, I know.

As one of my girlfriends and I say, “We are very important people with important things to do and important places to be”.

It’s a joke to remind ourselves of the chaos we sometimes allow into our lives because we both know that the warped speed in which we function on a day-to-day basis can not be sustained for long.

At some point, no matter how important you THINK you are something has to give. So, ten days ago, I stepped away from my computer and guess what? The world didn’t end. Although I felt like an addict and crazy thoughts ran through my mind and I imagined some fantastic something happening in the blog universe without me, I stayed strong and I got my equilibrium back.

During my time off, I had a chance to watch Atom Egoyan’s latest movie CHLOE and it was full of sexy hair, sexy clothes and sexy design. Sexy overload!

Without giving the plot away, let me say it’s a psychological thriller about confidence, trust and self-destruction. And the CHLOE lesson for women, especially married women, is NEVER intentionally bring another woman into your relationship. We all know this, but we get weak and lose confidence and CHLOE proves how things can go terribly wrong when we lose sight of the woman in the mirror.

How’s that for a tease?

But the best part of the movie was the house! Yes, I’m a total twelve-step design junkie!

It’s called RAVINE HOUSE and it was built by Toronto architect Drew Mandel. The house is set in a ravine and glass walls define the interior and exterior so from every angle you can see out and people can see in. As we get more comfortable opening our lives to the world on Twitter and Facebook, I’m betting glass houses will surge in popularity again, after all…it’s the ultimate reveal!

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