Digital Diet

I’m not one to stand in line at daybreak for the latest Apple must-have, I’d rather buy a plane ticket or a new pair of shoes. And I’ve never been one to spend hours glued to my cellphone because I think the verdict’s still out and I’m not convinced they’re 100% safe for unlimited use. But more and more, I found myself online or on my Blackberry and it made me wonder if I needed a more rational tech lifestyle.

Daniel Sieberg was obsessed with tech too, but soon realized that he was missing personal connections with family and friends and that his gadget addiction was zapping valuable personal time. So Daniel pulled back and developed a 4-step “detox” plan where he challenges us to re:think and re:boot our tech lifestyle. Daniel’s not anti-tech, he just believes everything in moderation.

You have no idea how bad your addiction is until you take the tech gadgets away. Irrational thoughts. Shakes. Fidgeting. You name it, you’ll experience it. But ask yourself, what are you not doing because your hand is glued to your Blackberry? Are you spending hours in front of your Macbook as a substitute for something else? If given days to live, do you really think you would spend them tweeting? Are you comfortable wasting time you can never get back?

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