Swirl, Sniff, Sip: Pinot Blanc

“Oh, I don’t drink white wine of any kind anymore. It gives me a headache. Reds only and champagne, of course.”

So bourgie. Girl, stop.

But that’s what I said to my Hubby, the wine connoisseur, a few months ago when he was offering me a glass of his latest affordable find.

“You sure?” he said. “Positive” I replied.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I’m returning home exhausted after a loooong day and all I want is a nice glass of wine and today’s episode of General Hospital. So I open the refrigerator door and there it is…chillin’. I open the bottle, pour a sip, and my eyes bug out of my head. This is unbelievable! It’s light, creamy, and fruity with whiffs of honey, but not sugary sweet.

Wow. Wow. I’ve done it again. Lesson still not learned. Never say never.

Of course when dude comes home, I don’t say a word. Then I hear this sexy voice from the kitchen “how is it?” as he laughs out loud.

Yes, OK. Geez Louise. He was right…again.

So, what was all the fuss about? Drum roll, please…

Pinot Blancs are made with grapes grown mostly in Germany, Italy and Oregon, but the classic vintages hail from Alsace. Pinot Blancs resemble a chardonnay without the oak and pair very well with pasta, poultry and seafood so it will be my preferred wine for summer entertaining.

Bethel Heights is a bit hard to find locally, so please contact the winery directly to purchase, but I’ve found some wonderful alternatives for your consideration:

Adelsheim Bryan Creek Willamette Valley Oregon 2010 ($22)
Domaine Albert Boxler Reserve Alsace 2008 ($41)
Domaine Paul Blanck D’Alsace 2008 ($15)
Dutton-Goldfield Shop Block California 2010 ($25)
Pierre Sparr Reserve Alsace 2008 ($10)
Ponzi Vineyards Willamette Valley Oregon 2008 ($17)
Tantara Bien Nacido California 2006 ($26)
The Four Graces Willamette Valley Oregon 2010 ($20)

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