Color Magic: Orange

The Greenbrier

We’ve already talked about the importance of using colors like blue and gold to enhance your overall well being and today I wanted to add a bit more cheer by discussing my unwavering enthusiasm for the color orange! Orange, representing the warmth of the sun, works well in a traditional, modern or eclectic interior space particularly in rooms where people gather to socialize and have fun. Orange evokes happiness and confidence, and because I wore alot of orange in junior high and high school, it has always been one of my favorite colors.

Pantone 021

Curiosity and the exploration of new things are personality characteristics associated with the color orange, so if you love orange you probably love adventure. It’s also believed that if you are stressed or in need of change in your life that burning an orange scented candle for seven consecutive nights can help reduce stress and stimulate mental clarity–sounds like a fantastic and inexpensive cure for the blues!

Amanda Nisbet

Like so many of you, I’ve collected way too many design tear sheets over the years and I thought I would share my all-time favorite images demonstrating the power and beauty of orange and the diverse ways designers have used it to enhance a room’s mood and overall feel.

Gilles Mendel

Melissa Rufty

Charlotte Street Hotel London

The Greenbrier

L’andana Tuscany

J K Place Capri

The Parent Trap

Melanie Turner

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