Petite Luxe

Q: Zavvi Rodaine, love your design posts, but what about those of us who don’t own a home or a fancy apartment, how can we incorporate great design into our living environment without breaking the bank?

I get this question alot and my advice is: each design post is inspirational and take from the photos what would work in your home. A color combination. The artwork. The way the bed is made. The position of the chairs. Great style or design is not about money, it’s more about how you choose to put things together.

A great example of how you can add WOW to any living environment is interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper’s studio apartment. Lindsey decorated every corner for maximum impact. She designated areas for living, sleeping and even her massive book collection. And Lindsey clearly believes in layering, just look at her unique color combinations and use of patterns and textures.

Photos: Quentin Bacon

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