Man of Style: Lenny Kravitz

What is swagger? Many mainstream dictionaries define swagger in a slightly negative context, but I don’t. In the Zavvi dictionary (ha!), swagger is defined as: to walk, to talk, to behave and to dress in a very confident and self-assured way. Swagger is that unique somethin’-somethin’ that only a privileged few men can claim. In other words, they either have it or they don’t. And I believe the defining characteristic of any man with swagger is that they are truly originals, not wannabes or cheap imitations of someone else and THAT takes tremendous confidence.

Cary Grant had it. Humphrey Bogart had it. Steve McQueen had it. Denzel Washington has it. George Clooney has it. Brad Pitt has it. The men in my family have it. But…LENNY KRAVITZ? Oh, Lenny. Lenny owns it!

Photos courtesy of Steven Pan for The Block

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