Design Guides 2.0

Barry Dixon: Inspirations
featured April 2010

Many of you are curious about the books in my design library, so I thought I would share several with you that offer solid, actionable advice and that are written in a way that is not intimidating or overwhelming. Many of these interior designers have been featured during Zavvi Rodaine’s first year, so be sure to read their features to find out why I think they are so special. These design guides are available new or used at book retailers online, but British readers, please check Amazon UK to see if these books are available for you. Happy Reading!

Darryl Carter: The New Traditional
featured April 2010

Elaine Griffin: Design Rules
featured April 2011

Kelly Hoppen: Home: From Concept to Reality
featured April 2011

Kelly Wearstler: Modern Glamour
featured September 2011

Laurie Smith: Discovering Home

I never watched many of the Trading Spaces shows, but the few that I saw with Laurie Smith were my favorites. And I’ve never featured her work on ZR, but Discovering Home is incredibly informative especially for design beginners.

Nate Berkus: Home Rules
featured June 2010

Sheila Bridges: Furnishing Forward
featured May 2010

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