Paris on the Prairie

JEAN-LOUIS DENIOT has done it again. I don’t think I could be more obsessed with an interior designer’s work right now. Lately I’ve loved every project, so when I picked up a copy of Architectural Digest over the weekend, I could not be more thrilled when I saw this gorgeous and moody Chicago apartment designed by Jean-Louis. True to form, Jean-Louis stripped the space bare and rebuilt everything in the pre-war apartment overlooking Lake Michigan with meticulous detail. C’est magnifique!

Oh, and the nickname “Paris on the Prairie” was given to the city of Chicago by renowned architect Daniel H. Burnham when he was designing an urban scheme for the city over a century ago. Apparently the city of Paris was a source of inspiration for many of Chicago’s developers in the 1920s especially along Lake Shore Drive. And for more detailed information on the furniture and lighting seen here, please pick up a copy of the December issue of Architectural Digest.

Photos: Miguel Flores-Vianna/Architectural Digest

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