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Is it me or does every fashion season revolve around designer MARC JACOBS?

The buzz come February will be about Marc’s exhibition at the Les Art Décoratifs in Paris. It’s actually a retrospective of Marc’s 15 years at LOUIS VUITTON and will open in March.

Louis Vuitton + Marc Jacobs is curated by Pamela Golbin, a fashion historian and curator at the Louvre, who organized major retrospectives for Balenciaga, Valentino and Vionnet. With Ms. Golbin overseeing the archives, I’m sure Louis Vuitton + Marc Jacobs will be the must-see fashion exhibition of the year.

Under Marc’s creative eye, the popularity of Louis Vuitton has soared and his team has successfully re-imagined the legendary brand and made it more contemporary with edgy collaborations with artists like Richard Prince, Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami to rethink the Louis Vuitton woman and marry art + fashion.

I see Marc’s handiwork everywhere–from the inner city beauty salons to teenage girls at the mall to beaches in the Bahamas– but how much do we really know about him?

I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered a few fun facts about Marc to accompany my favorite Louis Vuitton advertising campaigns. Enjoy!

Marc learned to knit from his grandmother and he designed sweaters for his first collection.

Marc’s fashion “hero” is none other than legendary French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Marc was once intimidated by the art world, but now he and his Vuitton team embrace art and have succesfully married art + fashion to create some stunning ad campaigns.

Marc considers his job at Vuitton as his alter ego—a more overt, glossy personality and feels creating at Vuitton is “like being in a movie, like it’s not real.”

Marc believes his 2011 CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award was a bit premature and prefers to call it his In-The-Process-Of Award.

Marc’s muses tend to be rule-breakers and true originals like Sophia Coppola (above, with her father, Francis Ford Coppola).

Portrait of Marc Jacobs by Annie Leibovitz

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