Maryam Montague’s Marrakech

Humanitarian and blogger MARYAM MONTAGUE has just released her first book Marrakesh by Design and if you’ve ever visited Marrakech then you know that it’s an explosion of spicy colors, exotic pattern and incredible architecture and anyone with a passion for art or design would find endless inspiration.

Maryam’s home in Marrakech was recently featured in Elle Decor and I thought you might enjoy seeing how she lives and all of the unique artifacts she’s collected over many years of global travel and living abroad.

Many of the items in Maryam’s home were collected over years of travel including these antique Indian doors.

Maryam’s great room is divided into several seating areas, but the high arched doorways are the true star.

Look closely: In her dining room, Maryam combined a suspended light fixture with a wall of horn sconces and African masks for exotic drama.

The incredible architectural detail in this hallway is accented with artisan-made star light fixtures. A feng shui expert suggested that Maryam remove them because it’s not a great idea to have something pointing at people’s heads as they walk underneath, but Maryam liked them too much, so they added crystal balls to each star to counter any negative energy.

In her bedroom, a vintage French poster coupled with gorgeous African textiles. But the real showstopper? The stenciled floor!

My favorite room in Maryam’s home features a gorgeous mural and a vintage Moroccan rug.

A terrace perfect for entertaining or just escaping the African sun. And, of course, if it gets too hot, there’s a pool!

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