Luli Sanchez

“Inspiration is everywhere. There is enough inspiration in the average finger print to keep a person busy for a while.”

After two decades in the fashion industry, Cuban-born LOURDES “Luli” SANCHEZ opened her first art studio in Brooklyn and proceeded to paint and experiment with watercolors for two years. It paid off. Luli created an in-demand portfolio and major brands like Ann Taylor, Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren came calling to collaborate with her on special projects. An experienced textile designer as well, Luli says her dream collaboration would be with The Rug Company, and somehow I don’t think it will be long before they come calling too.

“Create the work you would like to see.”

“I love painting, experimenting and researching imagery.”

“Nature usually kicks my ass as the best artist I know.”

“If I’m doing new work, I sometimes play just one song in the background for two weeks like Hanging On a Star by Nick Drake.”

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