Those darn ASPCA commercials!!! Have you seen them?

You know the ones where Sara McLachlan and Roberta Flack are singing their classic songs while adorable dogs are shown in their ASPCA play areas hungry or abused or waiting for love?

It totally melts my heart every single time and I wish that I could adopt them all!!!

On the record, I don’t understand people who don’t love animals.

Because if you’ve ever had a pet in your life, then you know that pets add love, deep meaning and substance to your life. Call me melodramatic, but it’s so true.

Pets change your life. For the better.

One day, I’ll have to tell you stories about pets I’ve had through the years. I’m telling you, some of the stories are so funny!!!

In all seriousness, if you’re lonely, miserable, bored or just have a huge heart with loads of love to give, please consider adopting a dog from your local ASPCA.

It truly is one of the best things you can do in life and, trust me, you get all the benefit.

Photo: Vogue

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