In Madrid with a View

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing highlights from my trip to Madrid, but I wanted to share a bit of design candy with you today. One afternoon I was going through a friend’s back issues of Nuevo Estilo and I came across this gorgeous penthouse that ISABEL LOPEZ-QUESADA decorated and I just had to share it with you.

The penthouse has a split-level living area, so Isabel separated the two levels with transitions of wood floor to limestone. In the photo above, a sculpture by Juan Munoz makes a stunning impact and creates a focal point for the large space. Isabel also insisted on all-white walls throughout the apartment to showcase her client’s art.

In the library, the bookcases are painted with a white lacquer. The sofa is covered in cashmere by Loro Piano and the natural blinds are made of abaca bark and are sheer enough to see out while still diffusing light.

Much of the furniture in the apartment comes from Isabel’s gorgeous showroom, the chairs are CHRISTIAN LIAIGRE, and she lined the short wall with mirrors to reflect light from the windows.

In this view of the sitting area, we get a better look at the back of the CHRISTIAN LIAIGRE chairs and a vintage model car displayed on the wall alongside a sculpture.

I’m obsessed with abstract watercolor right now, so you know I flipped when I saw this gorgeous over-sized canvas drawing attention to another area of the living room. I love the mis-matched coffee tables and the single red pillow on the sofa. The body sculpture is by YVES KLEIN.

Mirrored walls in the dining room highlight another piece of art, but I love the simplicity of the antique dining table that Isabel found in Paris. The chairs are from a wonderful antique shop in Madrid called Jon Urgoiti.

From this angle of the dining room, we get a better look at the chairs.

In the master bedroom, Isabel used a linen scrim to support the bed. The bedside tables are from Isabel’s showroom.

Isabel turns an odd corner into a showcase for a modern chest of drawers covered in stingray. She topped the chest with found objects like a mini-sculpture, art, a vintage lamp and an antique mirror. The chair is antique as well.

A major reason the client wanted the apartment was this terrace which offers stunning views over central Madrid. Isabel created a comfortable outdoor living space and connected it to the interior by using the same limestone floor.

Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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