Sanguine Drawings

Head of a Young Woman
sanguine in red chalk
Leonardo Da Vinci

For a while now, I’ve been trying to find “minimalist” artwork for my master bath, so I’ve been researching figure drawings which lead to me learning about an entirely new artistic medium called sanguine.

is a drawing method created by Italian artists in the 18th century using red chalk, crayon or pencil, which usually captured the contours and nuances of the human body. Art masters like Da Vinci loved working in sanguine and as the medium grows in popularity with today’s contemporary artists, everything from nudes to celebrity portraits are being created in this centuries old art form.

Male Torso
sanguine with red chalk
Dan Gheno

Ketsia Playing Her Violin
sanguine conte
S.C. Schonenberg

Odalisque III
sanguine conte and pastel on grey
S.C. Schoneberg

Penelope Cruz
sanguine with white chalk
Magali Chami

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