DiverXO in Madrid

CHEF: David Munoz
Calle de Padre Damián, 23, Madrid
Michelin: 2**

Everyone said that if we could secure one of the most coveted reservations in Madrid at DiverXO, the Michelin two-star restaurant of Chef David Muñoz, we should move heaven and earth to go. Often restaurant hype is just that: hype, so I was cautiously optimistic when we secured a 10:30pm table.

The DiverXO culinary experience begins when you meet David’s wife, Angela, who flawlessly manages the excitement in the room. As the flourish of astounding plates whiz by, you begin to feel as if you were invited to an exclusive dinner party instead of a Madrileño hotspot.

The tasting menu started with the best SESAME EDAMAME ever! I’m not sure what David does to them, but they were incredibly addictive and we, along with several other “guests” begged for more.

diverxo-2There were eleven courses, but one of the more creatively presented was this DIM SUM + HAM JERKY + KUMATO TOMATO dazzler.

diverxo-1Another favorite was this SEA BASS + WHITE ASPARAGUS stunner. The entire meal was so impeccably prepared that the only thing that could top it was the service which was synchronized and timed to perfection.

But the pieće de rèsistance?

After dinner we spent some time talking with David and Angela, so we were the last to leave and guess who hailed our taxi? Yes, David! I couldn’t believe it, I was thinking: This guy’s a Michelin star chef and he’s hailing me a taxi. Incredible!

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