Bond Girls Forever

Skyfall: Bérénice Marlohe

One of the critical elements to the success of James Bond films has been the gorgeous Bond Girls. I imagine it must be pretty cool to star opposite the legendary agent, but make no mistake, Bond Girls are always smart, commanding, mysterious and sexy as they traverse the globe with the world’s ultimate super-spy.

Skyfall will feature Bérénice Marlohe and Naomie Harris as the latest Bond Girls to tackle life in the world of 007 and early reviews indicate Skyfall may be the best yet. As we await opening day, here are my favorite Bond Girls along with a few fun facts.

Skyfall: Naomie Harris

Dr. No: Ursula Andress

Fun Fact: The first Bond Girl, Ursula played Honey Ryder and famously made her first appearance on screen emerging from the ocean in a white bikini.

Live and Let Die: Jane Seymour

Fun Fact: The smartest Bond Girls tend to have unique (and often seductive) names like Pussy Galore (pilot), Domino Derval (sea diver), Kissy Suzuki (spy), Holly Goodhead (astrophysicist) and Jane had the best Bond Girl moniker of all-time: Solitaire.

Tomorrow Never Dies: Michelle Yeoh

Fun Fact: Probably the most kick-ass of all the Bond Girls, Michelle played a Chinese agent named Wai Lin, a martial arts master who competed head-to-head with Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Die Another Day: Halle Berry

Fun Fact: In Die Another Day, Halle played NSA agent, Jinx and she is the only Bond Girl who would dare re-create the Ursula Andress ocean scene with one exception: Halle wore an orange bikini instead.

Casino Royale: Caterina Murino

Fun Fact: When Daniel Craig emerges from the crystal blue waters at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas in Casino Royale, it was a sight to behold for sure, but the real scene stealer was Caterina’s entrance as Solange galloping down the beach on a beautiful white horse.

Casino Royale: Eva Green

Fun Fact: Casino Royale was Ian Fleming’s first 007 novel and in it we meet intelligence officer Vesper Lynd, the one woman who breaks Bond’s heart, yes Vesper was the one who turned Bond into a player’s player.

Quantum of Solace: Olga Kurylenko

Fun Fact: Bond meets Camille, a Bolivian secret service agent immediately after Vesper dies, so there is no romantic interest between the two, instead they team up to take down a brutal businessman and avenge the death of her family.

Dame Judi Dench

And, of course, the ultimate Bond Girl has run the MI-6 spy unit since 1995’s GoldenEye as the legendary and divine Ms. M played so fiercely by Dame Judi Dench. Love, love, love her!

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