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Now that we have a month in fashion behind us, many of us are considering our wardrobes and what we’ll actually be wearing for fall, winter and spring. However, for fashion designers like Phillip Lim, after a much-needed short break, they are now back at work designing their presentations for Fall 2013.

Thanks to Vogue’s behind-the-scenes peeks at designer work spaces we’ve learned that designers surround themselves with the creative elements that inspires what we will eventually see on the runway, and Phillip is no different. Phillip’s Hudson Street offices are how I imagine my Zavvi Rodaine offices will be…lots of white space, lots of art and tons of books. As Phillip says “I like things that make you look around.”

Phillip’s BDDW custom desk + Robert Longo’s Untitled (Head of Michael Z), 1980.

A close up of Phillip’s leather + wood desk with Ipod dock.

Talk about attention to detail! Corner art by Jim Hodges.

In Phillip’s office, Claude Lalanne’s Choupatte Petit (bronzed cabbage).

A major source of inspiration: the library.

A book of West African hair styles by J.D. Okhai Ojeikere.

Still wishing I could sew more than a hem, spools of colorful thread.

Photos: Victoria Will/Vogue

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