In Rome: Piazza Navona

On a quiet morning stroll through Rome I was surprised to find the Piazza Navona nearly crowd free, so I whipped out my camera to capture the beautiful Catholic church Sant’Agnese in Agone and the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers) for your viewing pleasure.

Sant’Agnese was built for Saint Agnes who was martyred in the Piazza when it was a Roman stadium. The dove on the obelisk represents the Holy Spirit and was a part of the Pamphili family crest.

I always find it fascinating that historical landmarks sit so nonchalantly next to ordinary modernness in Rome.

A spectacular center dome with twin bell towers is very common throughout Europe.

Focusing on the architectural detail of the Sant’Agnese center dome.

Upon closer inspection, the details of the ancient Rome are incredibly intricate.

The Fountain of the Four Rivers, built by Bernini, was a major plot point in Ron Howard’s movie Angels & Demons. Can you recall the famous scene?

The Four Rivers represents allegories of four major rivers on four continents including the Nile (above) whose head is wrapped to represent the unknown Africa.

Creatures indigenous to the rivers like sea monsters and serpents around the sculpture.

A close-up of the grottos overflowing with water and creepy reptiles.

The Ganges representing Asia.

The Rio de la Plata representing the riches of the Americas.

A close up of the Rio de la Plata.

“Big feet…large…shoes.”

The Danube representing Europe.

One of the seven animals on the sculpture is this horse which is native to both the Americas and Europe.

The back of the Nile’s draped head.

A close-up of the Danube.

Photos: Zavvi Rodaine

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