Clearing The Mechanism

The train has left the station and we are now fast approaching 2013 and, if you’re like me, you’ve been re-playing the past year in your head trying to identify areas for improvement and what to focus on more positively in the new year.

There have been many books and Oprah Winfrey Shows on the subject, but it’s proven that two of the most powerful ways to affect change in your life is by writing down your goals and/or reading books that support positive change. The hope is that we can finally rid ourselves of the people, places and things that zap our energy or cause us to loose focus or nudge us into giving up on our hopes and dreams.

Some people make resolutions, I prefer to clean house.

I call this annual ritual “clearing the mechanism”, it’s a sports term I learned from my Dad, athletes use it when they need to focus and visualize a winning result. So, right now I’m clearing out all the bad energy and especially the negative people in my life, so that I can start 2013 fresh and focused on the things that truly make me happy.

Are you interested in clearing the mechanism too?

If so, please stop by over the next few days, I’ll be sharing encouragement and inspiration to insure that 2013 is our best year yet!

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