Kara Walker in Decor

“I’m really interested in how mythologies operate on a visceral level, and the kind of peculiar, queasy way that legend fuses with personal peccadilloes.”

KARA WALKER’s iconic black-paper antebellum silhouettes are popping up in interiors from coast to coast. Considering that KARA’S art is often described as controversial when her silhouettes earn pride of placement in an art lover’s home it signals their understanding of the artistic conversation KARA encourages with each provocative image.

Do I waffle back and forth on my feelings about some of KARA imagery? Sure, but being a bit uncomfortable forces me to really THINK about why I’m uncomfortable and isn’t that exactly KARA’S point? To force us beyond our comfort zone?

Without further ado, KARA on art, life and Andy Warhol:

Lisa Fine

“My interest in histrionics and the self-serving anger that feeds on itself fuels my work. I don’t want to get caught up in it, but I do use that energy in my work.”

Courtnay Daniels Haden

“Silhouette cutting for me was my rebellion against high art and painting and to me a way of undermining the patriarchal tendency in western art.”

Brent Sikkema

“My teenage idol was Andy Warhol. His strategy of taking the most obvious things in the culture and blowing them up and placing them in a gallery is something that I think my work does as well.”

Suzanne Lovell

“I really think making art is kind of a holistic endeavor and artists are at their best when they are challenging communities to solve problems, not just to make more art or to feel “inspired.”

“My life is a life that’s both ordinary and extraordinary.”

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