At Home with Lee Radziwill

There’s something to be said for having an air of mystery or at least a modicum of privacy about your life. For one, when you finally speak everyone will take notice.

The internet is on fire because Deborah Needleman and T Magazine landed a coveted interview with American royalty LEE RADZIWILL. Considering that Ms. Radziwill leads a very private life in Paris, I was expecting a replay of platitudes and not much else, but Nicky Haslam’s profile reveals a woman in the prime of her life honest about where she’s been and content with the bumps and bruises of her incredible life.

“There have been many things in my life to have regrets about, in the sense I wish I could have changed them, or somehow made them not happen. What I don’t have is envy. I’m perfectly content at this time of my life. I’ve done so many fascinating things and the greatest joy is that I continue to do interesting things and meet fascinating people.”

I’d like to congratulate Deborah and Mr. Haslam for revealing the substance of a woman we all admire. And, on the style front, of course I flipped when I saw François Halard’s gorgeous images of the Parisian pied-à-terre that Ms. Radziwill’s designed herself, a perfect bookend to an extraordinary interview.

The Living Room.

What’s on Lee’s coffee table?

On Lee’s desk…a hot pink agenda.

The Library.

A book by I.M. Pei and a collection of Vautrine boxes.

A bronze greyhound guards a sketch of Lee by Reneé Bouché.

A glimpse into Lee’s bedroom.

If you forgot that you lived in Paris…there’s this view of the Tour Eiffel.

Photo: François Halard/T Magazine

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