Dial M for Marc

I’m beginning to think that MARC JACOBS could sell ice to the eskimos. Marc is one of the most prolific master salesman in fashion today. Like Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, every season Marc creates these incredible fantasies that totally envelope the fashion glitterati who leave his theatrical fashion presentations in mass hysteria and in greater awe of his creative genius.

During Paris Fashion Week, Marc presented his LOUIS VUITTON collection with a theme centered on the idea of checking into the Hotel Vuitton. Gorgeous models emerged from behind closed doors in various states of dress to reflect that dreaded walk of shame after a romantic rendevous at the Hotel Vuitton.

When I first saw the models at Louis Vuitton they reminded me alot of that famous scene in Butterfield 8. Remember? Elizabeth Taylor’s character Gloria wakes up in her wealthy suitor’s apartment wearing a sexy slip and realizes he’s left $250 on the nightstand, so Gloria vindictively borrows his wife’s fur coat and writes “No Sale” in lipstick on the mirror before she dashes out of the Upper East Side apartment looking beyond fabulous. Nevertheless, this Louis Vuitton presentation is one for the history books and I thought you should see it. Enjoy!

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