Kelly Hoppen on Design

“One of the biggest mistakes people make while designing a room is not planning enough when it comes to lighting and space usage. Planning helps to save money and ensures that you will be confident about your choices. The other big mistake is over doing it, it’s best to keep things simple and fresh with key star pieces.”

KELLY HOPPEN is one of Britain’s leading interior designers with a signature style that fuses Eastern elements with a Western aesthetic. She’s created beautiful homes for some of the world’s bold-faced names, but one of Kelly’s most popular projects was the loft (here) that she converted from an old school building.

Kelly’s lighting and space examples:

A classic monochrome living space in beiges and browns.

I usually don’t like banquettes but I love the curve of the banquette here and the white leather mixed with the black table and the black and white photograph.

A classic monochrome living space in glowing creams and soft whites.

An entry hall featuring two statement wall sconces.

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