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Chet Baker: In New York
Listen to: Blue Thoughts

Listening to the radio these days leaves me nostalgic for the good ‘ole days. The lack of originality, musicality and concept is heartbreaking if you’re a true music lover.

Think about it. When’s the last time you said to yourself: I’ve gotta buy that album?

The reason why someone like Adele sells a bazillion albums is because people are starving for originality and soul-stirring music.

So, I’ve been listening to old school classics on vinyl courtesy of my portable turntable. Music produced when you didn’t need a video or a Grammy Awards performance to convince people that it’s worthy. There’s sleek Jazz (I’m obsessed with Chet Baker) mixed with sexy Pop/Rock and groovy get-you-moving R&B because now that Spring has arrived it’s important we get the mood just right.

Phil Collins: No Jacket Required
Listen to: Take Me Home

Earth, Wind and Fire: That’s The Way Of The World
Listen to: Shining Star

Donald Fagen: The Nightfly
Listen to: I.G.Y

Michael Franks: Skin Dive
Listen to: Please Don’t Say Goodnight

Al Jarreau: High Crimes
Listen to: After All

Ramsey Lewis: The In Crowd
Listen to: Come Sunday

Sergio Mendes: Sergio Mendes
Listen to: Dream Hunter

Prince: Prince
Listen to: With You

Steely Dan: Aja
Listen to: Deacon Blues

Wes Montgomery: The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery
Listen to: In Your Own Sweet Way

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One Response to “Now Playing: On Vinyl

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    Corrine says:
    March 24, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Thank you for a wonderful list of music! I can’t wait to explore these new options. You’re the best, Yolanda, keep doing what you do!