Goodies for Goodwill

So, have you been successful in clearing the mechanism this year?


Well…I’ve had some successes, but I also created some roadblocks which made me realize the creative ways we come up with not to change old habits. It’s so easy to fall back into unhealthy habits isn’t it?

One thing I see the positive results from is attempting to live clutter-free.

It’s definitely easier to tidy the house when there is less stuff to shuffle around and it’s definitely easier to write a grocery list when your cupboards are organized and it’s definitely easier to get dressed when you can actually see everything in your closet.

Over the weekend, my best friend went through her closet for the second time this year collecting another two bags of stuff for Goodwill and couldn’t wait to tell me about it. I cleaned my closets in January and I know there is more I can get rid of but one of my “creative excuses” has been:

But what if the Coveteur calls, that blouse would look so fantastic hanging next to the Basquiat. Surely that’s reason enough NOT to get rid of it. Of course I’m totally ignoring the fact that I haven’t worn the blouse in like 5 years!

So…will you join me? I think it’s time for a bit of Spring cleaning and a good deed. Let’s donate all of our unworn, back-of-the-closet fashion and never used, bought on a whim home gadgets to Goodwill to help those less fortunate.

It’ll lift your spirits and get us all one step closer to clearing the mechanism!

Photo: Elle Russia

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