Why Don’t You…

In honor of EARTH DAY, why don’t you try these green living ideas:

  • Dedicate one day to reducing the amount of meat you consume with Meat Free Mondays. Since the cost of meat continues to rise, eating less meat will save you money. Plus, it’s healthier!
  • Clear the air and reduce the electro magnetic fields given off by electronics by adding a green plant to your home.
  • Reduce the number of chemicals in your home by using natural cleaning products.
  • Buy clothes that don’t require dry cleaning.
  • Save gallons of water by reducing your shower time by a minute or two everyday.
  • Find your local recycling center and recycle household plastics, glass, magazines and newspapers.
  • Take recycled paper bags or cloth bags with you when grocery shopping.
  • Visit your community library to borrow books, magazines and music for free!
  • Recycle old cellphones and laptops for cash at gazelle.com
  • Subscribe to a green living website like Eco-Fabulous to stay motivated.
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