Men in White

zr men white pants cary grant2Cary Grant

I received a very sweet email from a male reader asking about men wearing white pants before Memorial Day. His thought was it’s spring, so why not wear them, but he’d also heard about the “white after Memorial Day rule” and thus his dilemma.

Some rules are made to be broken and with temperatures soaring in southern parts of the country, I didn’t have a problem with him wearing white to combat the searing heat. In fact, I love when men wear white pants because I think it’s the essence of summer sexy. To prove my point, here are some fashion forward gentlemen wearing white pants…all with a ton of swagger!

zr men white pants gqLeBron James

zr men white pants george cortina vanessa jackmanGeorge Cortina

zr men white pants williamPrince William

zr men white pants willWill Smith

zr white george2George Cortina

zr men white pants diddyP. Diddy

zr men white pants harryPrince Harry

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