Simplicity in Style

alexis triplex1“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

So, what does a minimalist do when they really want to simplify?

If you’re ALEXIS STEWART you streamline even further than your original apartment and include only the barest essentials for your new triplex in New York City. What you’re left with is an overall feel of luxe sophistication and simplicity where mid-century modern furnishings are enhanced by expansive river views, a soft color palette, abundant white space, and sheer light. No matter how spare, it all works together to create a warm and relaxing home for her growing family.

zr alexis1

What I Love: The Paul McCobb coffee table + bench + billowy sheer curtains.

zr alexis2

What I Love: The Osvaldo Borsani desk, Tonneau chairs + Gio Ponti table.

zr alexis3

What I Love: The Silvio Cavatorta bed with nightstands + globe ceiling light.

zr alexis4

What I Love: A Silvio Cavatorta vanity + the vintage brass bench.

zr alexis5

What I Love: The extra large island in the kitchen divided into work + prep areas.

zr alexis6

What I Love: The industrial counter stools + open shelves used for storage.

zr alexis7

What I Love:  The slate-gray marble counter tops + ceramic subway tiles.

zr alexis8

What I Love:  The handmade Arctic-theme mural in the children’s room.

zr alexis9

What I Love: The playroom’s transitional cabinets + shelves which house her children’s toy collection.

zr alexis10

What I Love: Closet doors with screens + sliding doors + the bench by Dunbar.

Quote: Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Photos: Alexis Stewart/MSLiving

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