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jessica coverInspiration: Frederic Leighton’s Flaming June, 1895

When I first saw the December cover of VOGUE, I thought: How tremendously odd. The very talented JESSICA CHASTAIN was contorted and draped rather oddly in what appeared to be a boat which peaked my curiosity, so last night when I sat down to read the editorial, I was pleasantly surprised and properly inspired. I absolutely love the art + fashion collaboration between Grace Coddington and Annie Leibovitz that transports a very modern 21st century Jessica into impressionist masterpieces. It’s nothing short of genius, but do we expect anything less from Grace and Annie?

chastain1 Inspiration: Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Ria Munk III, 1918

chastain7Inspiration: Henri Matisse’s Odalisque with Red Culottes, 1869

chastain2Inspiration: Vincent van Gogh’s La Mousmé, 1888

chastain3Inspiration: Anders Zorn’s Frances Folsom Cleveland, 1899

chastain4Inspiration: Rene Magritte’s La Robe du Soir, 1955

chastain5Inspiration: Julia Margaret Cameron’s Christabel, 1866

chastain6Inspiration: Félix Vallotton’s Le Retour de la Mer, 1924

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